Friday, February 20, 2009

..on my view about you..

Maybe you're thinking why I named my page LoVenNena. You might wondering what this means. Or is it referring to something or someone? Well here is the story:
I've got this from the combination of my first name and its meaning. I am named after the goddess of love and beauty. Yes, I think you got me right. My name is Venus. And Venus means love. Most people call me 'ven' and some call me 'toi' (but that's another story). I combined the word love and my name 'ven' which resulted to LoVen. Why Nena? According to what I've read from a Filipino novel (PHR romance) 'nena' is the Spanish term for baby. Although I am no longer a baby in looks I will forever be a baby at heart. I love love. I love the idea of loving. I love to be in love. But I'm not a hopeless romantic though. I am hopeful. Just like a baby I believe that there's always this someone who will catch me when I fall...
So much for that...
I am not fond of writing too much of myself. It would be biased if I will describe myself. For sure I'll only write my good side and never mind the other (Laugh). Let me just write about people -- on how I view them and my understanding about them. I'm not being judgmental. I'm just voicing out my thoughts about them (it includes me anyway).
I see people as greedy. Well, we all have our demons inside us. And it is our choice if we let it live by feeding it everyday or letting it die by burrying it deeply. Each one of us has needs and wants. Some are simple and some are exaggerated. Often our needs and wants are beneficial not only to us but for others as well. But more often, these needs and wants are favorable solely to us.
I see people as impractical beings. They're not balancing things fittingly. They're one-sided mortals. Very choosy yet picking for the wrong options.
I see people as passionate. Awfully having emotions ten times stronger than the authentic one.
I see people as puppets. And like puppets they seem to have no life of their own. They might be controlled by their work, their priorities, their wants and desires, their ambitions, their emotions, their world. They are in such a hurry almost everyday that they forget to stop for a while and review the things they have done. They don't have time for their selves. They are property of the crowd.
I see people as ungrateful. It's kind of their habit to be asking constantly but never giving thanks after they receive such things they desire.
I see people as blind.Though they are given two eyes for them to see but they are blinded by choice. They search for things in unfamiliar places. They go elsewhere only to find out that what they've been looking for is just right beside them. They're just too busy to notice it.
I see people as deaf. No matter how loud you cry for them they will never hear your plea. It's only their voice that they care to listen.
I see people as numb. They act as if they're dead with the needs of others.
I see people as teachers. They want to be the boss. They want to talk and when they talk they want everybody to listen. They give grades. They fond of giving tests.
I see people as students. They always in a competition with their classmates. Who's being the number one matter to them a lot.
I see people as businessmen. They're fond of closing deals. In their field, everything whether small or big has its respective value. In their world, nothing's free.
I see people as journalists. They write stories. And most of these stories are stories of other people. They gossip. And they spread it.
I see people as actors. And the world is their stage. They do drama, comedy, action, suspense, thriller, horror and fantasy. They're wearing masks. They're unreal.

I see people as I see myself...